In the summer of 2011, I joined the OTC Group as Creative Marketing Director (and Lead Designer). OTC has been in business since the turn of the century and has been very successful in the print and database marketing business, with the auto dealership industry in particular.  With their success over the years, they also developed some very smart software and cross-media marketing technology.  That said, I was brought on board as part of the core team to help brand, design, package and market this new tech, these new products; in essence, bring them to life for a consumer audience.

During my tenure at OTC, I worked on a range of different verticals. I likely spent the most time on the four below, BlinkCapture being the most extensive project that I led from ground up. Click on the logos to see more work.






To get a better idea of the type of company OTC was evolving into, here’s a full page Ad I designed for Direct Marketing magazine. I also wrote the copy. It gives you an idea of the breadth of technology and services OTC was involved in. I would say that they definitely ahead of the pack.