My name is Djen Choo, father, son, brother, friend, lover; designer, terrestrial walker, human of earth. By day I’m also a whole-brained entrepreneurial creative person, design leader, culture-builder, eater of delicious food and person of art and culture.

I began my professional journey many years ago as a graphic designer. The sort that loves type, works with images, designs graphics and tangible experiences with colour, content and different stocks of paper of various sizes across a range of consumer context. If there’s one thing I learned early, it’s that there’s always more to learn.

I branched out and found myself designing websites and creating engaging online experiences. Over the years past, I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands dirty, lead teams, collaborate with professionals and businesses across a range of industries, designing brands, graphics, collateral, producing websites, web applications and other rich digital and print media. Time flies when you’re not watching the clock.

What I can say from experience is that design is the strategy and effect that transforms good ideas into reality. It is the process of creating positive outcomes. Design is a journey, a new adventure every time, though often also an old adventure revisited with different context.
Design is about relationships, communication, crafting a progressive human experience – translating opportunity and choice into a compelling, beautiful and unforgettable end result. Today, most successful digital experiences come from a more holistic, whole-brained approach to design; a more context based, human-centered approach to how things work, flow and feel.

I believe that design is the effort and strategy that transforms ideas into reality, and that a more holistic, whole-brained approach toward overcoming challenges and problems will result in more sustainable, positive outcomes. My experience has shown me Design and Brand as a mitigating force in the world; where media, communication and the ability to leverage technology help facilitate the sharing and proliferation of knowledge, healthy discourse, new experiences and the advancement of a modern, richer, sustainable lifestyle. I believe in collaboration and the excitement in the possibility of unknown outcomes, but also understand that organization, strategy and timing are also critical in effective business. My experience has shown me that “it takes a village” and that shared ownership can go a long way. I value process, but understand first-hand that there is no sure-fire way to creativity. The world is a beautiful place and I always try to live for the “now” with my third eye toward the future. I continue to be inspired and driven to go a little further, reach a little higher, based on the simple fact that I genuinely love what I do. Ideally, I want to work in an progressive environment that engages in innovative projects that support ethical practices and sustainable outcomes that make a positive impact in a world where my young children and their peers can thrive.

Great design, great outcomes, come from passionate, determined people who care about our world. These brave perennial optimists trying to solve bigger problems, bolder challenges, are the mentors I look up to and draw inspiration from.

Let’s build bridges. Let’s produce positive, sustainable outcomes. Let’s design our future.