OTC Automotive

If you haven’t already read the OTC Group portion of my portfolio, then here’s a quick recap: OTC Automotive is part of the OTC Group and is one of their founding products and services. Among other company/product verticals, OTC Automotive is one of the OTC Companies that I produced work for.

OTC Automotive is at the head of its class in cross-media, database marketing for the automotive dealership industry. It excels at what it does based on it’s state of the art software and technology, and the ability to mass-volume print in-house. One of its most successful programs, that has been often duplicated, but never truly replicated is the Auto Upgrade Sale – a program that generates real, measurable, and qualified traffic into your automotive dealership with personalized web to print, mobile device technology, and social media. You might have received an auto upgrade letter in the mail before. Well, OTC Automotive pretty much invented the game.

When I came on-board, one of the first projects outside of BlinkCapture was to work on the Auto Upgrade Sale, OTC Automotive’s premier product and service.  I was asked to give the product a upgraded brand identity and to create a new site as soon as possible (I believe I had 3 days to deliver a new brand logo and landing site).  The result wasn’t the best work I’ve done, but it was a huge leap from what was already in place and everyone loved it as an interim solution. I would later move on to implement a customized WordPress theme mod that is still in place now. Have a look here for the existing Auto Upgrade Sale site.

Scope of Work

Brand Design, Marketing Collateral Development, Web Design & Development.

My Role

Creative Direction, Project Management, Concept Design, Collateral Design, Web Design, HTML Newsletter Design.




Click on the image below to see a demo version of the first landing site.



Auto Upgrade Coupon Collateral Design



I also designed a Twitter Wallpaper for the Sales Crew. It isn’t as easy as you think – the variety of viewing dimensions play a big part in the design layout; what you want to be most visible, what’s most important. Will they even look?





OTC Auto Personalized Auto Upgrade Marketing Site Template Design

The next major for OTC Auto was the revamp of their dynamic personalized marketing site template – the personalized site that is created for every person during an Auto Upgrade Sale campaign.  The existing site template design was dated and didn’t match the sophistication of OTC technology or the general level of design that the auto industry and its audience had reached.  This redesign was long past due and even at my departure from OTC, one of the priorities on the To-Do list was to redesign this once more – just to keep the product at razor’s edge and visually compelling.  The final roll-out was pre-populated one-click landing page, with logo and car image replaced with art from the campaigning dealership.





Mobile Version of the Template





HTML Newsletter Template Design

One of the important add-ons of the Auto Upgrade Sale programs was continued marketing to their client base. As we know, opt-in newsletters can be extremely effective if the content has value. As such, one of the other initiatives I worked on for OTC Auto was the design of HTML email newsletter templates. Anyone who has designed HTML newsletters before knows that it’s tricky mainly because of MS Outlook. I don’t have the HTML ready files on-hand anymore, but here’s a look at the static concepts.