Massive Change Network

It’s not every day that you get a call from design visionary and guru Bruce Mau, wondering if you would like to help with some website design. Well, in February of 2011, that actually happened to me!  Bruce and wife Bisi Williams had been hard at work getting the Massive Change Network off the ground and needed some assistance with their website. To say the least, I was quite happy to lend a hand and get on board the team.

Scope of Work

Web & IT Consultation & Support, Web Design, Custom WordPress, Custom Buddypress.

My Role

Lead Web Designer, Custom WordPress design & implementation, Custom Buddypress design & implementation.


24HRS2MassiveChange Chicago

My involvement with the Massive Change Network extends further that just helping with the website. In May 2012, Bruce and Bisi asked me to participate as a Design Optimizer in 24HRS2MassiveChange Chicago, a revolutionary new entrepreneurial design workshop. I can easily say that it was one of the life (and design) learning experiences I’ve experienced to date. Really awesome stuff. (Note: I didn’t design the art you see below, Bruce did for 24HRS2MassiveChange Chicago.)




I’m still working with Bruce off and on, with the Massive Change Network and other select projects. We’re currently working on a project that I can’t disclose quite yet, but will share just as soon as it’s ok – it is quite an exciting project and I would love to be able to say more at some point. Stay tuned!

It’s always a great privilege to work with Bruce and I hope I continue to get the opportunity to do so down the road.