Liland Insurance Inc.

LiLand Insurance Inc. is a full-service, independent insurance broker servicing families & businesses across Ontario, Canada since 1993.  In 2008, Styllautus was commissioned to redesign their website for their maturing business and we delivered a clean business site with a simple custom CMS built in and ended up also assisting them with some additional tangible collateral for their marketing efforts.

Liland hit their 20 year mark this year and I was asked back to help them redesign their site once more. This time around, we wanted to really focus on Who Liland was, the identity of their business and team, who they had become after 20 years of business. We wanted to focus on the core of what they were about and why inspired them to keep on achieving after so long. The reflection and self-assessment produced great results, It turns out even after 20 years, the driving factor and core ingredient for Liland’s success still revolved around People. Yes people, both their clients and their team – you could say it was their tradition, to put people first.  Liland has always been about building relationships and investing in the community. That was what made Liland who they were then, and is still what drives them to be who are today.

Armed with “people” and “tradition” in mind, I wrote, designed and created a new site that revolved around Tradition, Relationships, Community and People.  Using WordPress and a very customized responsive theme mod, the result is a crisp and clean new web presence for Liland that very much hits the mark on who they are, what they do and what’s important to them – or so I’ve been told. Feedback has been great all around and at the end of the day, my personal opinion on the outcome aside, I’m very happy if the client and their audience is happy.

Scope of Work

Web Redesign & Development.

My Role

Creative Direction, Project Management, Web Design, Collateral Design.

Click on the image below to see the new live site.