Landscape Management Network – Go LMN

In the summer of 2010, I was recruited by the Landscape Management Network (LMN) to come aboard as their lead designer. LMN offers estimating software designed specifically for Landscape companies. They had a growing user network and a good product that was only getting better with continued development and use, but they needed a strong push on the marketing side of things to package the product properly to really get the attention of a larger audience and the bring the business to life.

The powers that be were firm about not changing the brand mark and overall brand aesthetic despite my suggestions and pleas for a shift, yet, in the year that I was there, I had my hands full with a wide range of work, building a platform of compelling brand and marketing assets for this young company.  From web design, (admin) user interface design, email newsletters, multimedia video production, to a range of different marketing collateral, tradeshow display design, I even designed the exterior of a 24-wheeler rig-truck for LMN’s parent company, TBG Landscape.

Earlier this year (2013), LMN asked me to help them redesign the website I designed for them two years ago.  They were still growing and it was time to refocus their marketing efforts. We just launched the new site two weeks ago.  If you’d like to see more of the work I did for LMN, please just ask.

Scope of Work

Web Redesign & Development – custom WordPress implementation.

My Role

Web Design & Development – custom WordPress theme mod and implementation.

Click on the image below to see the new live site.





LMN Virtual Workshop – Video Learning Portal. Note: since I left, more information was improperly added to the header which has thrown off the original design layout.

Click on the image to see the live site.



Video Production – Meet Dan

I mentioned above that I did some video production work during my time at LMN. Here’s the main marketing video we came up with to go along with version 1 of the site I designed in 2010. The script was mostly written by LMN Director, Mike Lysecki, although I did have some input in the copy. Ultimately, the storyboard art, creative, audi0/voice-over were all me. Enjoy :)