In the summer of 2011 I was invited to work with Bruce Mau on a a project he was working with Emeco who was looking for some new and creative ideas on how to properly position and launch some new material. I think Bruce hit the ball out of the park with the idea and campaign he came up with for Emeco, all things considered.  If you didn’t know, Emeco has been working with Coca-Cola creating incredible Navy Chairs made out of PEP bottles from landfills. That said, Bruce’s entire concept and idea not only delivered the message in very fitting Emeco brand vernacular, but kept it clean, simple and very compelling. Quite brilliant, really. Here are some of the results…

Scope of Work

Produce a creative Ad Campaign for release new material. Supporting pieces included a booklet, iPad presentation, and other complimentary collateral.

My Role

I worked with Bruce as the main graphic designer for the Booklet. I also created the iPad presentation and designed an HTML email to announce the release event in Milan.

First Let’s Make things That Last.

Emeco has been making “things that last” since the 1940s. Not only has the Navy Chair stood the test of time in durability, it’s timeless design is leading an example of the type of design thinking we all need to adopt immediately if we all want to be around for a little while longer.  It’s simple, but not easy. It’s built for a lifetime, not just for lifestyle. It’s utility and beauty, honesty and courage. Here’s a glimpse of the 50-page booklet we created for Emeco.


Product Showcase Booklet




















iPad – Tradeshow Point of Engagement Presentation

The Emeco campaign was set to kickoff at the Milan Furniture Fair that summer (2011). To go along with the Booklet, we created a simple iPad slidehow presentation to engage and inform audiences that passed by the Emeco booth. Did you know that the new Navy Chair that Emeco and Coca-Cola produced takes 111 pet bottles out of the landfill? That means that for every 25,000 chairs, 2,775,000 pet bottles leave our landfills and find new meaning and purpose. What’s even better, these chairs are incredibly durable and stylish. How can you top that?!



Digital Collateral – Email Sendout

Finally, to help promote the upcoming expo and campaign launch, I created an email sendout for Emeco to blast off to their mailing list and client base.


Email Sendout