Diversity! in the Workplace

My work with Diversity! in the Workplace dates back to October 2005, during the Styllautus years, where the other managing partner at Styllautus, DoYoon Kim and I were approached to be equal share owners of a new venture called Diversity! in the Workplace. Diversity! was to be a new online publication and the only ones dealing with diversity in the workplace in Canada (at the time).

The current site is run by someone else – I’m not sure who and it is not indicative of any work that I would put out. It was a fun time and a great run being part of Diversity! in the Workplace and working in particular with Publisher and Editor in Chief, Jill Walters was a great experience. I learned a lot during that span of my career managing both Styllautus and Diversity!.

Scope of Work

Through the course of the years, we created, produced and managed the online publication website with content and media coming out on a monthly basis. We developed a shopping cart eCommerce component for the site, we produced and hosted joint webinars with the HRPAO, we designed collateral of all sorts, event and tradeshow displays, and in the final years, produced and launched the Diversity! Calendar in both a wall display and customizable dynamic digital format.

My Role

Creative Director, Lead Designer, Project & Client Management, Webmaster for 7+ years.



Miscellaneous Collateral

Short of rooting through and digging back into the archives, then sorting through and editing what to showcase, were are a few simple pieces of collateral designed during the years with Diversity!. I’m posting these pieces to give a slightly fuller idea of the brand identity and positioning – clean, clear, fresh and using copy that was short, sweet and to the point.


Fold out 4-page info flyer


Full page Magazine Ad


Full page Magazine Ad